Keeping customers coming back is essential to sustaining your business!

BlueFaucet is a service app that
focuses on
helping small businesses

If you’re a merchant, you can rely on BlueFacuet to

Invite previous customers back to your store, restaurant, or service-based business.

Build a targeted customer database.

Recommend your business to new customers interested in your goods or services.

Reduce your workload

We do the busy work, so you don’t have

BlueFaucet helps small merchants generate a consistent income despite limited resources.

Explore our additional features – we’re sure you’ll find them useful!

Grow your business

Reduce Workload

Stabilize your income

User Examples

Our services help small businesses overcome common challenges with tailored support and solutions.

John, a restaurant owner with 500 consistent customers, needs 1,000 customers to be profitable. Instead of spending money on an ad campaign, John used BlueFacucet to craft an effective marketing plan.

John sent a coupon to his existing 500 customers through the app, offering 50% off for any customer who brings in a new diner. John quickly doubled his customers’ number and reached his goal

What will you do to double your customers?

Mary, the owner of a beauty salon, was tired of wasting time waiting for walk-in customers, so she decided to use BlueFaucet. She offered a 10% discount to clients who booked in advance through the platform. BlueFaucet’s service sent coupons to all of her customers, and they appreciated the idea and enjoyed the discount.

With an organized schedule, Mary found joy in her work and had more free time to relax when there were no appointments.

What will you do to save time from waiting?

BlueFaucet is your
business partner

A business thrives on its returning customers who are the backbone of its success. With BlueFacuet, you’ll never miss a chance to reconnect with your customers. Is business slowing down? Use BlueFacuet to set up an auto coupon to incentivize customers to come back. We’ll follow up with your customers to ensure they never miss out on a promotion.

Marketing tools can be customized for your business. Use BlueFaucet’s simple in-app tools to create unique promotions and automatically send them to your customer base. Our marketing tools are free to use with your BlueFaucet subscription plan.

Take advantage of BlueFaucet’s 30-day FREE trial. If your membership is below 50, the platform is entirely free.