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In any sector, it’s not just about acquiring customers; it’s about cultivating a base of loyal, returning patrons.

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What BlueFaucet can do for you!

Invite your existing customers back.

Utilize the marketing tools to expand your business.

Discover new business opportunities

Streamline Operations and Minimize Work Burden.

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➊ Enjoy the benefits of unlimited customer capacity with your membership.

➋ Seamlessly accept unlimited orders or appointments hassle-free.

➌ Utilize marketing tools included with your membership to send coupons, promotions, or invitations to your customers.

➍ Experience smooth cross-platform functionality on both PC and mobile devices.

➎ Enjoy no revenue sharing and no annual commitments.

➏ Keep your overheads low with a free account if your membership is under 50 members.

BlueFaucet’s Open Beta version is now LIVE!

➊ The Open Beta testing is limited to 100 seats only.

➋ Join now and enjoy a one-year complimentary membership with up to five employee accounts.

➌ Be the first person to start building your customer database.

➍ Be the first person to use BlueFaucet to grow your business.

➎ Start enjoying BlueFaucet’s services before everyone else.

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The Referral Program is ideal for individuals who frequently interact with small merchants. In our daily lives, we encounter various professionals such as barbers, hairstylists, plumbers, handymen, restaurants, CPAs, and more. Invite them to join BlueFaucet’s free trial, and upon their subscription, you will earn a $60 referral fee. Sign up as a customer on BlueFaucet and become a part of our Sales Referral Program today.

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Our Affiliate Program is tailored for social media influencers, website owners, corporations, bloggers, content writers, YouTubers, and anyone with access to small merchants. Sign up using the link below, and we’ll provide you with a package including your unique URL for customers to link to.

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