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The pandemic has changed our lives, and businesses will not operate like before. You need technology’s help: that’s what we’re here for!

Matching Buy/Sell with Online Booking

Post your item and set your schedule.  The buyer has all the information about your product/service.  Using BlueFaucet, the buyer picks the time to do the transaction and meet up with you to complete the trade.  No need to ask if the item is available, sending SMS or email back and forth.  Everything handled by BlueFaucet.

Are you a small business? We can help you to ...

Online Booking with Smart Calendar
Communicate with your customers directly
Send coupons to your customers
Use "Refer a Friend" to bring more customers in
Invite your customers to come back
Recommend your service to new customers
Works on Androids, iPhone, tablets, iPad, PC and Mac
And many more ...
Are you thinking of starting your own business?

It's a big decision! We understand your stress. BlueFaucet provides 10 orders/appointments per month with unlimited customers invitations and database service for FREE.

Do you miss your customers? They miss you too!

BlueFaucet doesn't just build your customer database, it forges stronger customer relationships for your business.

Are you looking for extra income? Sign up to join our Sales Program

YES, YOU ARE HIRED! Check out our Sales Program, up to $40 per paid account.