Toto Drake II: A low flush toilet that works!

A third of a household’s water use can be attributed to toilets. Until the Energy Policy Act of 1992 set national plumbing standards, a typical toilet used a wasteful 3.5 gallons of water per flush (gpf). Prompted by the need to save water in urban areas, the act included a ban on the installation of toilets that exceeded water usage of 1.6 gpf. Since then, low flush toilets have been required in homes everywhere.  There’s only one problem, many of the low flush toilets just didn’t work.

How do I get my low flush toilet to work?

Toto Drake II Low Flow Toilet: Double Cyclone Flushing System – Gets it done…with just one flush!

Toilet manufacturers responded to the new law by simply reducing the toilet tank size, producing low flush, also called low-flow or low-consumption, toilets. While these early low-flow models operated with the lower mandated gpf, they lacked the required redesign to account for the reduced amount of water per flush. Many people complained that the new, low flush toilets failed to completely evacuate the bowl of solid waste and usually required a second flush. Or, even worse, many experienced frequent overflows of water and other unsightly bowl contents. This problem gave low-flow toilets a negative image in the minds of consumers and some lawmakers attempted to repeal the legislation that required their use.

Today’s low-flush toilets are a marked improvement over the 1990s models as manufacturers addressed the problems of early designs. However, some users still have the older toilets and have just become used to the habit of multiple flushes during each use.  Of course, this defeats the water saving intentions of the 1992 Energy Policy Act.

Toto get’s it done…with just one flush!

Toto, the world’s largest manufacturer of plumbing products, had been working on water conservation technology years before the 1992 Energy Policy requirements were enacted, developing efficient, high-performance flushing systems that met the new standards and provided consumers with a superior product. They remain a leading supplier of toilets worldwide, today.

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If you’re fed up with your outdated or ineffective low flush toilet, then check out the Toto Drake II Low Flush toilet. It features a classic two-piece, high profile design that uses an efficient 1.28 gpf, a 20 percent water savings over 1.6 gpf models. The difference with the Toto Drake II is it’s innovative Double Cyclone® Flushing System, which utilizes a duel-nozzle to create a powerful cleaning action that quickly and quietly carries away waste with one flush. The large water surface and wide trapway ensure effective, hygienic operation. The polished chrome trip lever, tank cover and fittings are included in the toilet package. The Toto Drake II is compliant with ADA height requirements and is an EPA WaterSense labeled product.

By replacing an old style or ineffective low flow toilet with a Toto Drake II 1.28 gpf toilet, you can have the confidence in knowing that your toilet will only need one flush and you will eliminate the possibility of any messy overflows. You’ll actually get to experience the water savings that were intended by the Energy Policy Act of 1992. A family of four can expect to see a water savings of over 13,000 gallons a year. If you live in a municipal water and sewer district, this can translate into over $100 a year in savings and help preserve the water supply for your family and the rest of your community for years to come.

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