First Alert Drinking Water Test Kit Review: Is your water safe?

If you’re like us, you pay close attention to the quality of the water you and your family are drinking. You know contaminated water can cause a great deal of health problems, many of which are quite serious. A drinking water test kit will be able to test the water in your home for bacteria, […]

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9 Awesome Gifts for the Health and Fitness Nut in Your Life

We all have a health and fitness nut in our life…  This holiday season we’ve got a list of some perfect gifts, specifically for them. However, just about everyone is interested in living a more fit and healthy life, so these great products make for the perfect gift for almost anyone on your holiday gift […]


A Bright Idea for Farming with Less Water

You would be hard pressed to find much produce being grown commercially in urban areas these days. But, if the new kid on the agricultural block has its way, a rooftop vegetable farm could be coming to a supermarket near you soon. While industrial-scale agriculture is capable of providing huge quantities of food cheaply, it […]


Clean Water for Pennies Per Day With the 4 Most Common Home Filter Systems

Providing your family with clean and fresh water can be extremely expensive. …You can purchase filtered water or spring water from your local grocery store or have a water company deliver water to your home on a regular basis. However, consider the fact that some water companies use water sourced from the same utility that […]